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At Engineered Openings, we offer products from the following manufacturers. If you can’t find a specific manufacturer, please let us know and, more than likely, the item(s) can be ordered. Most items are not stocked; however, expedited delivery from manufacturer is offered as desired.

Name Description Website
ABH Overhead holders and Stops abhmfg.com
Accurate Strikes/Locksets accurate.to/
Accurate Restroom Compartments accuratepartitions.com
Adams Rite Aluminum Hardware Products adamsrite.com
All Metal Stamping Lite Kits allmetalstamping.com
American Flagpole Flagpoles americanflagpole.com
American Specialties Bathroom Accessories americanspecialties.com
Anemostat Lite Kits anemostat.com
Best Locks, Exits, Closers bestaccess.com
Burns Manufacturing Flat Goods burnsmfg.com
Bommer Hinges & Miscellaneous bommer.com
Cal-Royal Locks, Exits, Closers calroyal.com
Ceco Hollow Metal Frames & Doors Ceco  Hollow
Columbia Partitions Restroom Compartments columbiapartitions.com
Corbin/Russwin Locks, Exits, Closers, & FRP doors corbinrusswin.com
Corrim FRP doors corrim.com
Curries Hollow Metal Doors & Frames curries.com
Detex Alarmed Exit Devices detex.com
Don-Jo Flat Goods don-jo.com 
Dorma-Kaba Door Hardware dorma.com
Gen Steel Hollow Metal Frames & Doors gensteeldoors.com
Global Partitions Restroom Compartments globalpartitions.com
Hager Hinges & Miscellaneous hagerco.com
H.E.S Electric Strikes hesinnovations.com
HMF Hollow Metal Frames hmfexpress.com
LCN Closers lcnclosers.com
Maiman Stile & Rail Wood Doors maiman.com
McKinney Hinges and Miscellaneous mckinneyhinge.com
Megamet Hollow Metal Doors & Frames megametusa.com
Metal Arts Plaques & Signage metalarts.net
MMF Industries Key Cabinets mmfind.com
Morgan- Francis Flagpoles morgan-francis.com
National Guard Weatherstripping, Sweeps, Thresholds ngp.com
Norton Door Closers, Automatic Openers nortonhardware.com
Oshkosh Wood Wood Doors oshkoshdoor.com
Overly Door Accoustial Doors & Blast Resistant Doors www.overly.com
PBB Hinges and Miscellaneous pbbinc.com
PDQ Locks, Exits, Closers pdqlocks.com
Pemko Weatherstripping, Sweeps, Thresholds pemko.com
Potter Roemer Fire Extinguisher Cabinets potterroemer.com
Precision Exits Exit Devices precisionhardware.com
Reese Weatherstripping, Sweeps, Thresholds reeseusa.com
Republic Hollow Metal Doors & Frames republicdoor.com
Rixson Pivots, Floor Closers Overhead Stops rixson.com
Rockwood Flat Goods rockwoodmfg.com
Sargent Locks, Exits, Closers, & Electronic Hardware sargentlock.com
SDC Security Door Controls sdcsecurity.com
Securitron Electronic Hardware securitron.com
Select Products Continuous Hinges select-hinges.com
Simplex Pushbutton Locks simplexwholesale.com
Special-Lite FRP Doors special-lite.com
Stanley Best Locks Locks bestaccess.com
Stanley Closers (Ryobi) Closers stanleydoorclosers.com
Stanley Hinges Hinges stanleydoorhinges.com
Telkee Key Cabinets telkee.com
Trimco Flat Goods trimco.info
VT Industries Wood Doors vtindustries.com
Yale Security Locks, Closers, Exit Devices yalesecurity.com
Zero Weatherstripping Weatherstripping, Sweeps, Thresholds zerointernational.com


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