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Electronic Hardware and Molex Connectors

Electronic hardware can be frustrating and can bleed across many trades: the door hardware person, the aluminum door people, access control, the electrician, and of course the Owner, Architect and Contractor.
We recommend ALWAYS having a coordination meeting with all of the above parties. This needs to be done early on in the construction phase, as the conduit will need to be run and the frames and doors need to be prepared to receive the electronic hardware. Running a raceway in a door at the end of a job can be problematic.
One of the things that we are moving toward is Molex connectors. Molex connectors are just like the plugs at the end of your video cable except these are made for low voltage hardware. They make installation less problematic and more efficient.

Corbin Russwin Mortise lock with Molex connectors.

We find the most problems from electronic hardware is installation, bad connections, etc. By using these connectors it:
  • Shortens install time
  • Requires no special knowledge needed to hook 2 connectors together
  • Makes a stronger connection.
As always if you need us, call us.