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The “Capitol Crawl”

 Capital-Crawl-1990-2-e1378669142724It’s hard to believe that the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law 24 years ago by President George H.W. Bush.
Shortly before the Act was passed, activists with physical  disabilities met in front of the Capitol Building. They shed their crutches,
wheelchairs, power  chairs, and other devices and immediately proceeded to crawl and pull their bodies up all of  the 100 front steps
of the Capitol without warning! As the activists did so many of them  chanted, “ADA Now!” and “Vote Now!”. These activists were
called the “Capitol Crawlers”.  Jennifer Keelan, a second grader from Denver with cerebral palsy was videotaped as she pulled
herself up the steps, using mostly her hands and arms, saying “I’ll take all night if I  have to!”. This direct action is reported
to have “inconvenienced” several senators and to have  pushed them to approve the act.